2018 Mission Day 4

We had our last full day of clinic today.  We saw 105 patients!  We began work at 8 am and finished with the last patient at 7:30 pm.  We were again blessed to share the love of Jesus with the wonderful people of Zacapa.  We will have a half day of clinic tomorrow and then head to Guatemala City!

2018 Mission Day 3

We woke to a beautiful Guatemalan morning today!  The clinic was busy with 75 patients.  While the heat of the day was tiring, God blessed us with many opportunities to share God’s love with the people of Zacapa.

2018 Mission Day 1

Our team arrived safe and sound with all our medicine in Zacapa. We were glad to see many old friends and new ones.  On Sunday we attended worship services in the morning at Divine Savior in Zacapa and in the evening at one of the mission churches in the country. We set up for the clinic in the afternoon.  We were greeted on Sunday morning by the Lights for Christ Children- they sang beautifully at the church service.  We visited some of the homes of the Lights for Christ Children in the afternoon.  It was heart wrenching.  Attached are photos from the day.

Day 5

The team travelled from Zacapa to Antigua today.  The bus trip was about 5 hours long. We saw the beauty of Guatemala with its volcanic mountains and green valleys!  In Antigua we visited a jade cutter and museum, the chocolate factory, the square in Antigua and had dinner at a rehabilitated monistary.  All were interesting.  And we shared a lot of laughter with an awesome medical mission team who worked so hard with the volunteers in Zacapa to serve the underprivileged in Zacapa all week!  We look forward to landing on US soil tomorrow and thank God for such a wonderful opportunity to serve in His name!

Day 4

We spent our final day in Zacapa at the medical clinic. The dental hygienists and the nutritionists were at the clinic with the doctors, nurses and pharmacist.  The team served 120 patients.

We had a final ceremony with our Zacapa friends and shared many gifts.

Highlights of our week of sharing God’s love in Zacapa, Guatemala are:

  • Serving 435 patients at the medical clinic which included dispensing many medications and vitamins that we brought with us.
  • Checking the oral health of 505 children and giving dental health education to children and parents.
  • Teaching 505 children and many adults about nutrition and appropriate foods to chose for their particular needs:
  • Teaching Music (expertly done by our musicians on the trip) to 7 grade school classes at El Colegio.  The students and musicians had a great time sharing God’s blessing of music!
  • And very importantly we all had the blessing of hugging, caring for, and sharing Christ’s love with the Lights for Christ children!

Day 3

Our hearts went out to one family today. The family had 2 teen age boys, both with cerebral palsy, and many other medical problems. One was in a make-shift wheelchair and the other was carried by his mother.  The mother had significant back problems because of carrying her son. The brothers saw our doctors and the family received medication for their conditions and nutritional education. Two of our team members bought the second boy a wheel chair!

The medical team saw 117 patients today! The dental hygienists and nutritionist saw 140 children, 20 parents and 1 teachers and helped in the medical clinic in the afternoon.

We thank God for all He has allowed us to do in His name this week.

Day 2

On Tuesday we continued our work in Zacapa.  The Dental Hygienists and the Nutritionist visited class rooms at the school teaching 96 children and 20 parents about nutrition and dental health and nutrition. The dental hygienists checked ALL 96 children for cavities and gum disease.  In the afternoon the team traveled to a public school teaching and checking mouths of  158  children.

Our medical doctor, nurses and team where busy at the clinic at the church. They gave medical care to 101 patients.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve and share Christ’s love.

Our Medical Mission Team

On Monday the medical clinic saw 97 patients. Everyone felt great about the help we are giving to many people of Guatemala.  God has blessed us with many people with amazing gifts!

Our dental hygienists and our nutritionist taught classes to parents and students about good dental care and good nutrition.  The hygienist checked the teeth of 152 students plus 6 of the teachers!  God has a blessed our team with wonderful medical professionals!

Day 1

Our Medical Mission Team spent their first day getting set up and beginning their work.  Be sure to follow their progress throughout the week and keep them in your prayers.

It’s good to be back in Guatemala. Once again, our hosts have been outstanding and the scenery beautiful. Looking forward to starting clinic with the rest of our team tomorrow!

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